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To be honest, weddings are stressful, overwhelming and INSANELY EXCITING. The biggest thing to remember when planning a wedding is the love you have for each other.... and that someone's opinion is only as good as you can throw it, (meaning take things lightly during this time and don't stress yourself out!). I'm here to help with (in my opinion) one of the most fun and beautiful parts of the wedding, the flowers!! You can go as simple and whimsical as you like, traditional or add an electric spin of colors making it your own. Having the option between all varieties of materials [fresh, faux and seasonally grown garden stems] really allows you to get what you want. In stock availability of collections I've made or send me your custom-crafted color ideas and we can chat! Remember, this is the fun part. Let's talk all things love and flowers! Bonnie, Mini Blooms by Emil 701-226-5312 find more on my social pages @minibloomsbyemil

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About our faux florals

All our faux bouquets are with a blend of high quality real -touch faux florals and natural looking greenery. Intentionally sourced from top suppliers to give you the best look possible for you day. Whether is it for your wedding day, baby shower, bridal shower, corporate event or dinner party, I am here to make your event beautiful, easy-to-use and stress free.
Each product piece is designed with these thoughts in mind for you - no allergy concerns - out of season flowers are always in stock - can be VERY specific on colors and styles - easily used for traveling or elopements - no wilting or worry of damaged petals - no water source needed - can be taken as a forever keepsake after the wedding day - photographers love our easily they can maneuver the stems if needed, to get the perfect look every time

Bonnie Emil

mother of all things Love and Floral
Get to know your florist, My name is Bonnie I am 31 and from NoDak If it's carrot cake, you can eat it for breakfast I'm a momma to two beautiful kids, Jaxson [Wade] and Lindy. Happily named Mrs. since October 1st of 2022, ( luckily to my high school crush ) I grow cut flowers in the summer, and my dream is to do at least ONE full garden wedding in 2024 I'm a Capricorn, my inability to sit down shows through my work My favorite flowers are sunflowers 🌻 [mainly from Sunflower Steve], wait.. maybe dahlias, or zinnias, lisianthus, okay.. I really love cosmos, fine-fine, my favorite flower is a laundry list of them. I JUST LOVE FLOWERS! I hate being cold!!!! For real, growing flowers in zone 3B is a real mood killer. My favorite colors are orange, mustard and light pink ! My favorite food is shrimp tacos , on repeat. Weddings TRULY excite me, and I love planning them, or even just hearing about the plans. I can talk all day about them. ( so hit me up! ) When I set my mind to a project, it becomes difficult to shift focus off it until it's perfect, even if that means I sleep 4 hours a night. I live in baseball hats and t-shirts. I don't think you can ask too many questions! Especially when talking to someone you're considering hiring for your wedding. Never feel like you are bothering me. I do think it is okay to plan your wedding around hunting season 🦌🧡 (insert being married to an avid hunter who showed me the love of the sport) I think your wedding should have more personal touches than what's trendy. What was your grandmas favorite flower, or tie in a piece of a shirt as your bouquet ribbon. My favorite hobby is gardening (duh..) and walking my two dogs, Shadow and Sunny AKA the "shop dogs" My least favorite chore is putting away laundry , that can be finished the second Tuesday of next week. I think flowers are truly magical. They make me 1,000% happier the instant I see them. If I have any spare time between things, I'm at the gym. I love natural, garden vibes/aesthetics for weddings and events. Enough about me! I want to hear about you.

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I'm always open for ideas and thoughts on your dream wedding style. Just send me a DM, text, or email so we can chat. If you love something Pre-designed and want to add more to the collection, just reach about about product availability. Thanks much! Bonnie
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Mini Blooms by Emil does not offer delivery at this time, being a porch pickup service I am able to work within your timeline. The shop is located in south Bismarck. Mini Blooms by Emil ships worldwide! Shipping will be applied to your final invoice. When ordering custom products, please allow a minimum of 1-3 months prior to your needed date. Anything under ONE month will require a $100 minimum rush charge. ( this if for me obtaining the necessary products to make your perfect order ) Please inquire if you have a question, I might be able to help.